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Do you feel that you’re working harder than ever but still seem to be falling behind? Want to make a change and bring your cash flow back on track?
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Many people wait too long to start looking after their small business cash flow? Why? There’s so many reasons but you’re here because you want to learn how to make positive cash flow changes in your business. It is important to have a plan – a plan to pull more money out of your business – so that you can spend more time with your family and truly enjoy doing the things that you love to do.

With On Track Cash Flow we show you how you can use the techniques we share with you to gain confidence in managing the finances in your business, to massively increase cash flow and even find ways to leverage cash flow!

You will learn the 7 key drivers of cash flow and how they work so that you can uncover the hidden sources of cash that likely already exist in your business.

During this course we will also challenge how you think about work, debt and risk – how you define these and the impact that this will have on your future wealth.

You might be thinking, “Do I really need to know how to do this?” Short answer is YES you do. Even if you have someone helping you with doing your books, understanding your own cash flow is essential. To be honest, no one will care about your money more than you.

Building your own cash flow is something you need to do once (even if this is the only time you ever prepare one of your own) because you need to understand how it is put together. You will then clearly see what drives cash and how WHAT you do on a day to day basis directly ties into your profit and to your goals.

This will also mean you can have better conversations with your bookkeeper or accountant, and the budget that you prepare will be more accurate and reliable. You know your business better than anyone else!

That’s not all though, you will learn how to use data to make better financial decisions and also the 8 financial elements that every small business owner needs to consider to truly build a business that will support the lifestyle they want.

 Let us help you start making positive changes in your small business, so that you can evolve your life into one that is more financially rewarding and that brings with it much greater choice!

What you will Learn


Discover the three sources of net cash flow in your small business


Learn the 1 KPI that shows how long it takes for a dollar to work it’s way through your business AND how focusing on reducing this 1 number can really change your business for the better


Get hands on and prepare your own Cash Flow Budget


Develop greater Confidence In Your Ability To Understand Your Financial Statements


Identify the 7 key places you need to channel your cash flow energy to grow your cash with lightning like speed and how focusing on these points will make a massive difference for your cash flow

By the time we’re finished, you will have peace of mind as you develop greater control over your financial future. Stop working so hard for your business – instead get your business to work harder for you!

Here’s what we’ll create together ….

First off, we are not coaches and we are not consultants. We are ‘Coach-sultants’ who show you what you need to get done and how to actually make it happen.

We’ve seen what works in starting and building businesses (and more importantly what doesn’t). We know what it takes to get your small business running in such a way that both your business and life can become more carefree and enjoyable. 

So while there’s no guarantee of success in business, there’s a number of things that you can do along the way to increase your chance of survival..

Turn your business from ordinary, hard work into an extraordinary business that supports the life that you want, giving you more time to do the things that you want to do.

This is a practical and hands-on workshop, where you will:

  • Build a reporting rhythm based upon the information you want to see about the performance of your business.
  • Identify the 3 sources of cash flow and apply these in your business.
  • Build an early warning system to highlight any areas that need your immediate attention.
  • Build your own Cash Flow Budget
  • Begin Building our your Financial Organisation Chart

Cut through all of this noise and join Sheree Cusack, sixty:forty co-founder, as she breaks down how to take control of the financial systems in your business.


Workshop Breakdown

Part 1 - Foundation

This module sets the foundation for the next ones, and here we reinforce the concept that Profit ≠ Cash and then show you the 3 sources of net cash flow for your business.

Part 2 - Cash Flow Budget

We’ll walk you through how to prepare a Cash Flow Budget. This will take you through building your own budget, step by step in a easy to follow way.

Part 3 - How to work with Surplus Cash

When you get it, its hard not to spend it but having extra money in your bank account each month is a sign that you can invest more for your future – whether inside the business or outside. Here we explore the different ways you can work with surplus cash.

Part 4 - Transform Business Decisions

Having access to timely, reliable and accurate financial data can drive your business through improved performance and the ability to build great strategy. In this module we introduce the different ways you can use data to transform your business.

Part 5 - Early Warning Systems

What are the early warning signals you should be on the look out for that might otherwise harm your business? You will learn about some of the systems you can introduce to your business as part of your financial reporting rhythm.  

Part 6 - Key Places to Channel Cash Flow Energy

Learn the 7 drivers of cash flow and how you can leverage these to really drive the cash flow through your business, with maximum efficiency.

Part 7 - The #1 KPI to manage Cash Flow

If there is only ever one number you will watch to manage your cash flow at a macro level, this is it. Here we will show you not only what it is – but how to calculate and monitor it.

Part 8 - The 8 Financial Elements in your Business

Here’s a question for every small business owner – why do you do what you do? What if we could show you the 8 financial elements that make up your business? By the time you’re done in this module, you will know what each of these elements are and how they apply to you.

Part 9 - Building your Financial Dream Team

This last module is about bringing together your Dream Team to support the goals and objectives you have in your business. We’ll introduce you to a Functional Financial Organisation Chart and you can start building out your Team.

Sheree Cusack

Meet your Instructor

Sheree Cusack

Sheree is co-founder of sixty:forty, a Public Accountant and Registered Tax Agent. She holds an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from UNE and a Masters degree in Taxation from UNSW. As a long term member of CPA Australia and a Chartered Tax Advisor she has operated her own public accounting practice firm from 2005. Since starting the firm, she has helped hundreds of small business owners to manage their cash flow, improve their net profit and increase their number of days off.

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So, why not simply give it a try and see for yourself how powerful the ‘On Track Cash Flow’ course can be for you and your business. You have freedom to gain and nothing to lose.