How you can build a profitable business that delivers on your vision by having a strategic plan on a single page … even if you’re not sure where to start.

Many small business owners still believe that you need to have a full 50 to 100 page business plan just to start or run a business. But the truth is that plans like that usually just sit on a shelf collecting dust, never to be read again.

Instead, imagine having a road map for your business that shows all of the important details about your business and where you want it to go – all on just ONE PAGE!

We know that traditionally writing a business plan is seen as boring and not a real worthwhile task especially where you might not see the benefit in doing it. But what if we told you it had a direct impact on whether or not your business succeeds?

This one page plan is a driving document for your business that will give you clarity about your goals and how everything fits into the big picture. This is a simple yet powerful tool that you can use to help craft a Business Strategy for your business. And it also gives your team one single place to go to ensure alignment between their role and your goals

What you get

By the end of this hands-on course, you will have put the day to day on hold to take a good look at your business with a strategic focus … and you will:


Understand your ‘business why’ – what is the impact you want to make in your world. You will define this through your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and your inspired reason for being in business.


Identify the building blocks of the core values in your business.


Built a summary of your top three Strengths and Weaknesses along with identifying the Trends you need to watch.


Develop clarity about WHO your customer is and WHAT they buy.


Come up with targets, or mini milestones, so that you can check in and make sure you are sticking to the right path.


By breaking down these targets you will then look at the actions you need to take to get you to your goals – this is a deep dive on the HOW you will get there.


Become clear on your non-negotiable ‘big rocks’ – those priorities that above all MUST be achieved


You will be forced to really look at what you want to achieve and put in place a prioritisation plan to get there

The One Page Business Plan will take you through this and much more! And at the end of the day you will have all of this on one, single page that you can put up on your wall to keep it top of mind.

Best of all, you will start seeing results with the ‘One Page Business Plan’ within just weeks (if not a few days).

Let us help you start making positive changes in your small business and you choose your results. No matter whether you are looking to develop more focus and produce the results you want or to take charge of your own financial wealth, and anything in between – this course can help get you there.

Plus these bonuses

That’s not all though …  To give you a real head start – when you act now, not only do you get the ‘One Page Business Plan’ course, you will also get the following:

Bonus #1

Exclusive workshop on creating your SWOT profile (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Bonus #2

Exclusive access to the recording of your ‘One Page Business Plan’ workshop

Bonus #3

Downloadable Workbook so that you can implement what you are learning immediately

Now the regular price for this is $497 …

Because this is part of a beta test, you will get everything for only $197! 

What is a Beta Test? Whenever we launch something new, we like to test it out and get feedback, and that’s where you come in! We offer a special price so our early birds can tell us what they like or didn’t like so we can make the course that much better. We would also ask for one extra little thing .. at the end of the course we would love to get your testimonial to use in any future promotions.

Workshop Signup

Get access now to The Lab course, where you can document your business idea into an easy to use, straight forward framework where you can see at a glance whether you have covered the 5 core areas of your business model.

We remove every bit of risk with our ‘Nobody Gets Left Behind, Better than Risk-Free’ Guarantee

Get access to the the Course and if at the end of the first module you genuinely feel you aren’t receiving value or decide that it’s not for you, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. Because this is a beta test, we will ask for feedback just so that we can make the Course better for the future. 

So, why not simply give it a try and see for yourself how powerful the ‘Know your Numbers’ course can be for you and your business. You have freedom to gain and nothing to lose.