No cash? No Worries.

As part of the Opportunity suite of alternative payment methods, you can create a Barter Agreement and start growing your business today.

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Exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.

“he often bartered a meal for drawings” 


The action or system of bartering.

“paper money ceases to have any value and people resort to barter”

One of the original and oldest forms of commerce, humans have been seeking to barter with each other for hundres if not thousands of years.

As part of our Opportunity range of alternative payment methods, sixty:forty has taken the Barter concept and created a framework that enables service providers and small business owners to create a Barter Agreement that is beneficial for all involved.

Your creativity is your new currency and you can consider US your personal concierges of connection

The Barter Opportunity is currently in QA Testing but at sixty:forty we believe that the current situation we are all facing brings opportunity to do business differently, so we couldn’t wait!

Even though we might be on lockdown, this isn’t permanent and when we all re-open we might be a little light on with the work and our cash flow will have taken a bit of a battering.

But can you still get what you need in business without using cash? Short answer is Yes!

No Cash … No worries

While we have some downtime let’s get our minds together and let’s starting thinking outside of the box.

A key theme through all of our messages is that ‘We are stronger together’ and that is a motto for now more than ever.

What are we doing?

We are wanting to create a space where small business owners can come and sign up to meet other small business owners and enable them to swap their services. Your time and the services you offer in business are what you are selling – so instead of exchanging cash – swap services.

Let your imagination run free and think about how you can use your time, energy and the resources you have and truly change the way you approach business. You are richer than what you think – what can you exchange to get what you need (or want)?

All without cash!

Want to join in?

Join the Pre-Beta and we will personally connect you with other businesses looking for Barter Opportunities.  You will also get early access to the the full Opportunity/Barter platform.