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The sixty:forty Business Directories place your business in front of other prospects looking for what you have!

To support building a quality directory, we have an internal process to review any registrations to ensure that only legitimate businesses are included. Your registration will give you a searchable online listing that will help you build brand awareness and bring greater exposure to your products and services.

To give continued exposure for all of our members and their businesses we are also building out our social, digital and print media footprints. You will be able to tap into all of this as well.

At sixty:forty we believe:

Credibility is earned not bought.

It’s the WHO not the HOW.

Professionals should be able to do what they do best and focus on serving the client.

We offer a Business to Business Directory for professional services.  Making sure that you have a presence everywhere your potential customers are, means that you need to be in this directory.

Find new audiences. We are investing serious money into marketing campaigns across web and mobile to bring small business owners and entrepreneurs to the sixty:forty platform.

Get found on our site and on partner networks to increase your visibility.

Use your listing to generate attention for earned placements in our print and digital media.

Our business is all about making the lives of small business owners easier.

Even if you service small business clients, we aren’t your competition. While we have the same target market, our niche is different. We look to support and work with those people who potentially have a great business but who just can’t afford your personalised attention. We want to build those businesses up so that they might one day become one of your A- class clients. At a minimum, we want to help develop a common language so that overall you build a better brief and reduce the expectation gap between what the client thinks they are getting and what gets delivered.

sixty:forty provides Business Education and Mentorship to support small business owners. We ask our members to build deeper relationships with their Dream Team of professional advisors and suppliers in areas where we cannot assist or where they require one-on-one assistance.

We show small business owners just how to build a better business and how to think outside of the box by funding their growth goals through Alternative Commerce.

We’d love to have you aboard as we move forward towards helping 10,000 small business owners to double their net profit and to cut their hours working in the business – all by 31 December 2022.

This is a big goal and we can’t do this alone. In fact, this is a journey that is best done with friends. Here you can join with other professionals who will be members of the sixty:forty directory. 

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We want to create a world where people successfully start, build, manage and grow their small business in a way that leads to a meaningful and prosperous life for themselves and families, their team and the wider community.