Business Education & Mentoring just went old school.

Are you looking to start, build or grow a small business, one that is built to last? One that powers your lifestyle and helps you achieve wealth and prosperity, not just in money but in time.

The sixty:forty Business Education & Mentoring Programs are a great way to cut through the fluff and get down to specific small business strategies and tactics that you can implement straight away that will get you results.

Like most other small business owners, you’re likely already working hard, but what if we can show you a better way? A way to work smarter, to use leverage and to work towards a whole of business improvement. A way to take your business to the next level, generate cash and claim back your time.

Let us show you exactly how you can take action towards achieving your target result.

Our Approach

We have three approaches to support people through their small business journey. Recognising that every business is different and we all operate on different schedules we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get access.

cohort based learning

Our larger programs are generally offered as cohort based learning. This is where members join together and move through the program at the same pace, generally in an online environment. We provide the structure, lessons and guidance along with a place to connect with other students, instructors and our faculty. This means that as you are taking action on each weekly project you can learn both with and from your peers as you discover new ways to approach your business.

in-person workshops and bootcamps

Our in-person deep dives, workshops and bootcamps are held in various locations and are designed to take you out of your comfort zone and to really challenge you to take those breakthrough business actions.

self-paced online

You can do any number of our courses as self-paced, online and on demand so that you can do these when and where it suits you.

Our Programs

Below are the 3 programs that we currently offer for Start-ups/outs and Established businesses.

The Co-llab Course

In The Co-llab Course we will take you through 24 key questions touching on the 5 core elements of your business idea. This strong foundation enables the development of total clarity surrounding your idea, a base from which you will have created an investor-ready Pitch or can move effortlessly into a Business Plan.

Cost $495

Foundation Special $197
Use Coupon – LAUNCHLAB
Available to 30 June 2021

Next Intake Anytime
Duration Self-paced
Delivery Online
Level Starting Out/Up

Succeed Program

The Succeed Program is a hands-on, 12-week cohort based mentorship and implementation program to help you take control of your business. This program helps you implement a solid base so that your business does the hard work for you. In here we cover the 4 pillars – Cash, Capacity, Clients & Strategy. 

Cost $2497

Foundation Special
Membership $197 per month
Available to 30 June 2021

Next Intake 1st July 2021
Duration 12 Weeks
Delivery Online/Cohort Based
Level Established Business
sixtyforty Digital Accelerator

The Digital Accelerator

The sixty:forty Digital Accelerator is a group coaching program that will help you increase your sales in a predictable and scaleable way.  Together we will map out a Customer Journey that will turn ice cold prospects into raving brand ambassadors shouting your business name from the roof tops.

Cost $2497

Foundation Special $997
Available to 30 June 2021

Next Intake 1st July 2021
Duration 12 Weeks
Delivery Online/Cohort Based
Level Established Business

If you are looking for actionable plans that you can implement in hours, not weeks, then check out The Academy which will have our Action Plans, Webinars and Workshops. You will need to be registered to access.

Special for Foundation Members

Foundation members get In The Zone Membership as well as the full 3CS Initiative all for only $197 per month, or one payment for 12 months of $1997

Remember when…

Remember when you were younger and your mum was using the same washing machine that her mum had used, and it was still running strong?

Back then things, people and business were built to last, and last they did.  Words like hustle, hack, ninja or any of those other lazy phrases did not exist.  They didn’t exist because they didn’t work in the long term. They are just a temporary fix to a long term problem.

You rolled your sleeves up and did what needed to be done.  There was no fear of hard work and failure wasn’t an option.

We’re not stuck in the 1950’s and thank goodness we have the technological advancements that have enabled us to do so much more. Yet, to succeed today still requires things like attitude, grit, perseverance and a good old fashioned work ethic.