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With sixty:forty Micro-Certifications

As the world continues to evolve, it’s important to develop skills that are useful in the real world.

This is why sixty:forty is introducing a new short-form of credential: The Micro-certification.

Our micro-certifications cover the most in-demand marketing, finance and general business skills. They are made up of highly relevant topics delivered in a flexible online learning environment – and just as importantly you gain a credential that gives you an immediate opportunity to turn your learning into income.

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What is a Micro-certification?

A micro-certification is the recognition your earn from taking small units of training that you complete in your own time, from wherever you are.

Rather than taking years to complete a course before you can get out and do something with it, we have taken highly relevant skills and turned them into bite sized lessons.

This means that you can take what you learn today, turn around and sell that skill tomorrow – as a stand alone – with the micro-certification as proof that you can do what you say you can.

Sixty:forty Micro-certifications focus on specific skills and capabilities and are a new way to learn and then demonstrate your knowledge, skills and competence. In short, we focus on the results that your training delivers.

If you want to take your education even further, you can Skill Stack. This means that you take multiple micro-certifications from the same suite, pull them together and earn a mastery certificate.

What are the benefits of Micro-Certifications?



You choose what you want to do and then learn from anywhere at anytime.



Display your achievements online with digital badges and digital certificates.


For Real Life

These are specific skills that small business owners and service professionals have told us that they need help with. You get practical skills that you can use straight away.


Lifelong Learning

Try new things or topics of interest that have practical, real world application. ABL – Always Be Learning. No matter whether you follow your interest deep or wide you’ll find something that you can learn.


Skill Stack

Build skills based upon your interest and stack them together to earn a certificate.

How can I learn and earn?

Being results-focused is the key to how you can make money with these micro-certifications.

Every month, we encourage our members to work on the monthly Project. This project will be supported by skills that are available through the sixty:forty Academy.

What you walk away with is a valuable skill based upon the tasks, or set of tasks, necessary to support our members in getting their monthly Projects complete. When you hold the relevant micro-certification you are promoted to our members during that month and included in the Advisor Directory with your digital badge attached to your profile so members can easily find you.

A number of our micro-certifications are broader in nature and look after fundamental tasks that need to be done on a regular basis.

Micro-certifications represent an opportunity to get cost-effective training on a specific skill that you can then instantly turn around and offer for sale with a standardised way to start, undertake, deliver and report on the task/project. Once you have obtained certification through assessment you will be licenced to sell and deliver these turnkey products and services.

How it works


Complete a micro-certification short course

The micro-certification courses offered by sixty:forty are equivalent to anywhere between 3 and 20 hours of learning, including an accompanying assessment.


Receive a digital badge

We have partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital badge once you successfully pass your assessment, representing your micro-certification.

Learn more about Credly


Show off your badge

Be proud, you earned this. Claim your digital badge on Credly’s Acclaim platform. Your digital badge contains information describing the micro-certification you’ve achieved and share as many places as you can. 

What is a digital badge?

We will give you a physical certificate to recognise your hard work, and you will also be awarded a micro-credential in the form of a digital badge or for a skill stack, you will get a digital certificate.

These are visually represented by a digital icon. This icon records the details of your achievements and contains embedded metadata. This means when you share your digital badge through other platforms, this metadata will be available so anyone viewing your badge will be able to learn more about the course taken, the skills you earned, shows how you were assessed as well as verifying the badge’s authenticity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do micro-certifications work?

The micro-certification courses offered by sixty:forty are based on real-world outcomes and will take between 3 hours and 20 hours to complete, including a formal assessment.

Once you have successfully passed the exam, you will be awarded a digital badge. You can skill stack into a suite of study and then pass a further capstone assessment. Where you successfully complete the skill stack exam you will be issued with a digital certificate.

Why does sixty:forty offer micro-certifications?

Sixty:forty micro-certifications are a way to quickly gain or demonstrate specific skills that are important to our members. We wanted a way to train a specific skill in a standard way that is recognised throughout our membership.

Do I need to complete an assessment to achieve a micro-certification?

Yes, to obtain the micro-certification you need to successfully complete the assessment. This is included in the course fee. You can choose not to complete the assessment, but you won’t receive the micro-certification or be able to claim a digital badge.

What is the digital badge or certificate metadata?

When someone clicks on your digital badge or certificate, they will be able to view information about the course. This information is called ‘metadata’. It includes:

  • The name of the Badge
  • Who has issued the badge or certificate and when;
  • The subject studied including learning outcomes;
  • Details of the level of capability and skills demonstrated
  • Hours of learning and the assessment process undertaken; 

More information on metadata can be found here:

Who is Credly?

We have partnered with Credly, an organisation that provides digital credentials worldwide. Credly is a web service for displaying, storing and managing lifelong credentials and badges. Credly will issue and manage your digital badges and certificates through their Acclaim platform.

sixty:forty Micro-Certifications

Financial Housekeeping

sixty:forty certifies you to deliver the Financial Housekeeping service to our small business owners. We show you how to support the small business owner to help deliver the information they need on a regular basis.