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The Lab

Thinking of starting a business?

How do you launch a new business with confidence and tilt the scales of success in your favour?
Short story, you take your idea and pressure test it … Welcome to The Lab.

Starting a new business or launching from an idea is one of the most exciting things that you will do. This journey will likely come from the desire for freedom and independence.

Are you living with unfulfilled ideas and ambitions? Do you want to test the market to see if your idea has potential? Or do you want to attract interested professionals to help make your plan a reality? sixty:forty offers the platform to help develop your potential, explore opportunities and achieve both personal and financial success.

To start a business involves risk. How can you test your idea without risking too much of your time, effort of money? The answer is … in The Lab.

In this course you’ll work directly with sixty:forty Co-Founder, Sheree Cusack, to create your Lab Project. This process gives your business idea a strong foundation so you can launch your business with confidence.

This workshop is not just for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is also for seasoned operators who want to re-build or transform their business for maximum earning potential.

In this hands-on training, you’ll create your own Lab Project. This will help you challenge your thinking and firm up your ideas about your new business. More importantly, you will start getting this all down on paper so that you can begin to build your ‘Make it Happen Team’.

If you want to develop your idea based on proven, step-by-step processes that work, then you’ll definitely want to join in.

So how do you launch a new business with confidence and tilt the scales of success in your favour? Short story, you take your idea and you pressure test it. You focus on the core elements of your business model. The five core elements of any initial business test are:

The Lab

Identify these core elements for your business using high impact strategies you can implement in a few hours – not weeks or months.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have developed your business idea into a fully fledged Lab Project ready to move to the next phase.

Let’s talk about what you’ll learn…

How to craft a Value Proposition that hits on the key points to really sell your business, even if you’ve never written anything like this before (TIP: Our fill-in-the-blank templates make it quick and simple)

Identify whether your business or idea is looking to solve the ‘right’ problem

The 7 step approach to building your customer profile, bringing them to life so you can understand their needs, goals and challenges

Discover the 6 different types of product that you can create from your one idea

Learn how to use Google to identify the top competitors in your market. Find out what it means if you can’t find any paid competitors in your niche (plus what you should do next)

The 7-step calculation you can do to quickly assess whether your idea is financially viable

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a Lab Idea that is ready to launch.

Here’s what we’ll create together…

There’s a lot of bright shiny things out there and lots of people trying to sell you into their coaching programs. We are not coaches and we are not consultants. We are ‘Coach-sultants’, and we can show you what you need to get done and how to actually make it happen.

We’ve seen what works in starting and building businesses (and, more importantly, what doesn’t). We know what it takes to get your idea off the ground.

So while there’s no guarantee of success in your venture, there’s a number of things you can do to increase your chances.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll actually create your entire Lab Project so you are ready to launch. This includes:

  • Having clarity over your reasons for being in business
  • Crafting your Value Proposition
  • Doing a back of the envelope Financial Viability Check
  • Building your Customer Avatar worksheets
  • Identifying your core product that solves the customers need
  • Developing clarity over Industry Trends, Changes and Challenges
  • Identify and analyse your Competitors
  • Begin Building your Organisation Chart
  • Identifying the Profit Formula that supports your Business Model

Cut through the noise and join Sheree Cusack as she breaks down how to take your idea from a thought bubble to a firm, actionable plan.

Course Breakdown

Part 1 – Foundation

Develop clarity on exactly why you want to be in business. Work step-by-step through our personal and business Vision worksheets to identify what you want to achieve.

Part 2 – Defining the Opportunity

Craft your Value Proposition statement to define your idea, identify the problem you are solving and how you will solve it. Develop an understanding of the six different product types and how you can use them craft your customer’s value journey.

Part 3 – Identifying your Target Market and Competitors

Use a systematic approach to identify the size of your market and build a customer profile based upon our template. Learn how to use Google to identify the competitors in your market and find out what it means if you can’t find any paid competitors in your niche.

Part 4 – Selling your Product

Understand the different ways that you can bring your product to market and apply the 6-Q approach to evaluate each option.

Part 5 – Who’s on your Team

Work through your current team (or define the one you want to build). Use the Functional Organisation Chart as a framework to identify any position gaps that need filling.

Part 6 – The Profit Formula

Build a profit formula that will support your business model. Identify the key drivers of income and expenses in your business idea. See how optimisation of expenses relating to your key resources and processes can enable your business to come to life.

Meet your Instructor

Sheree Cusack

Experienced Public Accountant and Registered Tax Agent

Sheree is co-founder of sixty:forty, a Public Accountant and Registered Tax Agent. She holds an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from UNE and a Masters degree in Taxation from UNSW. As a long term member of CPA Australia and a Chartered Tax Advisor she has operated her own public accounting practice firm from 2005. 

Sheree Cusack - CEO & Co-founder

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