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The sixty:forty eco-system brings entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers and professionals together in order to start, build, manage and grow business together.

For Entrepreneurs

Do you have an amazing idea for a new venture? Are you looking to move from employee to entrepreneur?

Let sixty:forty guide you on your entrepreneurial journey as you learn how to test, develop and turn your idea into a dream business.

For Small Business Owners

Do you have a business you want to grow, or maybe even learn to love it again? Time to scale your business and need access to both finance and intellectual capital?

At sixty:forty we connect you with the people and resources to make things happen.

For Service Professionals

Remember the days when credibility was earned, your reputation was everything and you built it over time?

At sixty:forty it isn’t about who has the most money, it’s about who has the best service/product to help our members and community achieve their objectives.

For Creative Professionals

Find opportunities that allow you to unleash your creative skills.

sixty:forty is business platform that connects you with Opportunities posted by entrepreneurs & small business owners needing your skills.

Looking for a Professional to help grow your business?