New Employee Form: Streamline your employee onboarding process

It can be a busy time when a new employee starts and that makes it the best time to use a form and checklist to make sure nothing gets overlooked when you are onboarding them into your business.

It is all too common to put someone on and then not follow up with getting all of the paperwork complete. But this is an area where failing to pay attention can cost big dollars. It cannot be overstated just how important it is to have an accurate record of your employee details and to have evidence that you supplied all of the information that you were supposed to from the start.

This makes a structured process to getting all employee information one of the most crucial items that you need to tick off.

What is a New Employee Information Form and how does it help?

A new employee information form is exactly that. A way to collect all of the personal and engagement related data of a new hire that will help you easily make sure that you have ticked your compliance boxes and at the same time make it extremely easy to enter their data into your payroll system.

This one form is specific to Australian employers and captures all information that you will need to evidence your compliance with the law. By having only the one document that captures all of the data helps ensure that you keep organised and have all of the relevant information in one location.

This will combine with the other information that you collected as part of the hiring process and will help you keep track of things like their application, resume and any other verification assessments or notes you used.

The form should include the following recommended sections.

  • Personal Contact Details

This includes the new employee’s home address, postal address, contact numbers, email address, etc.

  • Emergency Contact Details

Your new employee should provide their emergency contact details in the event of a workplace accident or illness.

  • Bank Account Details

Your new employee is to provide you with their nominated bank account details where they prefer to receive their regular salary or wages.

  • Position Description

For your and your new employee’s reference, it is important to outline the job title, key responsibilities, and related tasks so you are both clear of what is expected and what to deliver.

  • Superannuation Standard Choice Form

You must provide your new employees with a standard choice form that outlines their options for choosing a fund. From the 1 November 2021 an employer can access information relating to the stapled superannuation fund for an employee if they don’t make a choice. You need to have this to ensure that you remain compliant with your obligations for quarterly superannuation payments for employees and some contractors.

  • Australian Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration Form

You need to provide your new employee with a TFN Declaration Form. All the related details of the TFN declaration form can be directly lodged online or can also be ordered from the ATO.

There are two parts to a TFN declaration:

(i) Section A – That is to be filled out by your new employee

(ii) Section B – This is to be completed by yourself as the employer

  • Fair Work Information Statement and Copy of the Relevant Award

A copy of the Fair Work Information Statement can be accessed online but since 1 January 2010, it has been made mandatory for all employers in Australia to provide their new employees with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement. The statement contains a summary of the employee’s entitlements under the Fair Work Act of 2009 and the contact details of Fair Work Australia. 

  • Employment Contract and Confidentiality Agreement

This agreement contains the terms and conditions of employment between yourself and your new employee. A copy should be retained in your personnel records and another copy provided to your new employee.

For a complete list of these legal requirements, please refer to the Fairwork Australia website

To make it easy for you, we have created a New Employee Toolkit that gives you access to all of this information in one spot.

Sign up for that here.

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