Strategy, Cash, Capacity & Clients

The 4 areas every business needs to master.

A Framework for Growth

Small business is rewarding and can provide the freedom to live life the way you want, on your terms. Your business can provide flexibility, freedom and be financial rewarding. But it isn’t all beer and skittles. It can be hard work, long hours and sometimes you might think to yourself ‘Why am I doing this?’

Let’s face it though – in 2020 – things changed. COVID-19 has affected the way things get done and it is no longer business as usual. Government shutdowns of economies and businesses have brought with it long lasting change. They have forced small business owners to look at how they are running their businesses. To reconsider what they sell and how they deliver their products and services.

Right now, as you read these words, through no fault of your own – your revenue, your cash flow and your peace of mind are all at risk.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. You can take back control … and that’s by getting back to small business basics. These basics are Strategy, Cash, Capacity and Clients.

40+ years of combined experience across small business is the basis of this Framework. This experience includes leadership, finance, operations, branding, marketing and product development.

The 9 Factors of Business Success

What is the 3CS Framework?

As a small business owner, are you going about your day to day thinking ‘How could business be going better?’ Better clients, better staffing capacity or better cashflow. These are the three C’s of any small business. Clients, Capacity and Cash. But these alone aren’t enough. They all need to be guided by Strategy.

Imagine asking a builder to build you a new house from a hand drawn sketch on the back of an envelope. No detailed drawings or building plans. What sort of result would you expect?

You need a blueprint for what you are trying to achieve. This is the Strategy. Strategy alone isn’t enough though. You need a way to get the strategy implemented – and these are Tactics.

But, focusing on tactics without strategy will waste your time, money and resources. You’ll be jumping on the next shiny object that comes along.

So you need both strategy and tactics. You get these through the 3CS Framework. These four pillars lay the foundation of our education and coaching programs . Each quarter we work on 3 specific projects related to that pillar. Twelve individual projects per year designed to keep your business moving forward. So you get to spend three months each year focussed on Strategy, Cash, Capacity and Clients.

Why do we do that? Because problems in any of these, lead to problems in all. Bad clients impact capacity and cash. Lack of capacity impacts clients and cash. Poor cash flow impacts clients and capacity. And it all leads to an unhappy small business owner.

This framework is a flexible guide providing structure and direction on key areas to focus your time. These four things are the pillars of all businesses, everywhere.

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