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As a business owner, accountant or bookkeeper, you’d know that a supplier must give you an ABN or you must withhold PAYG at 47%.

How often do you check the ABN records of suppliers?
When was the last time you checked they were active and the GST status was correct?

The reality is these details should be checked before every payment.

sixty:forty is dedicated to creating a number of compliance tools to make life easier for business owners, accountants and bookkeepers.

The first tool we are releasing is a compliance tool for Xero users called: ABN & GST Checker.


  • Easy to use and no training required
  • Fastest and simplest way to check ABN and GST records
  • Links to your Xero account so you can check your files
  • Quick and simple way to stay compliant
  • Save time and get hours back in your busy day

By building the ABN & GST Checking tool, we hope to make one step towards helping small business owners, their bookkeepers and advisors be compliant and save time in their busy day.

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