7 levers of cash flow

What you need to know to drive cash in your business…

even if you’re not an accountant.

7 Levers of Cash Flow

Do you seem to make money in your small business but for some reason there never seems to be enough cash on hand at the right time?

That happens probably more often than you might think. There’s a lot to do when starting or running a business. But if the financial foundation isn’t right, then the business might never get ahead.

Cash flow is the life blood of any business. And there are 7 specific areas that will impact how you manage the cash in your business. As a small business owner, you must be comfortable with these and confident in how you apply them.

In this course we not only show you what the 7 levers are, but we show you how to use them.

Just knowing what they are doesn’t change anything. But knowing how you can make a change is like getting the keys to the kingdom.

You’ll walk away knowing how you can start making change in your small business. You’ll see the difference that can be made when you start making these levers work for you.

It’s worth pointing out that not all of the levers are created equal. Some will give you scalable gains, while others help you plug a hole. Either way, to master your finances you need to take action.

Let us help you start making positive changes in your small business. Evolve your life into one that is more financially rewarding with bigger choice! 

What you get

Your registration to the ‘7 Levers of Cash Flow’ course covers:

9 Core Modules with 11 video lessons and handouts.

Exactly what the 7 levers are, so that you can see how they can make a big difference to your bottom line.

How to identify which of these levers will make the biggest change in your business.

Review your pricing decisions, knowing just how a change will impact the bottom line.

Develop greater confidence in your ability to drive these changes.

Get our ‘fill in the blank’ calculation worksheets – use this to start modelling different cash outcomes.

You stop working so hard for your business – instead get your business to start working harder for you!

You truly can create a business that runs easily and profitably. Grow your business with confidence and a deep understanding of just which cash flow levers will unlock your cash.

What you get

By signing up now, you’ll get the ‘7 Levers of Cash Flow’ course and as well as:

Bonus #1 – Evergreen access to the course in the Academy just in case we make any changes to the content or the resources.

Bonus #2 – Access to our project menu of different Action Plans that you can use to make immediate changes.

You’ll also get ongoing access to our community through the Forum. Here you can access topic specific information 24/7 so that you can get feedback, collaborate and connect with like-minded peers.

Meet your Instructor

Sheree Cusack

Experienced Public Accountant and Registered Tax Agent

Sheree is co-founder of sixty:forty, a Public Accountant and Registered Tax Agent. She holds an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from UNE and a Masters degree in Taxation from UNSW. As a long term member of CPA Australia and a Chartered Tax Advisor she has operated her own public accounting practice firm from 2005. 

Sheree Cusack - CEO & Co-founder

Our Guarantee

We remove every bit of risk with our ‘Nobody Gets Left Behind, Better than Risk-Free’ Guarantee

Get access to the the Intensive Workshop and if at the end of the first session you genuinely feel you aren’t receiving value or decide that it’s not for you, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. We will ask for feedback just so that we can make the Course better for the future. 

So, why not simply give it a try and see for yourself how powerful 7 Levers of Cash can be for you and your business. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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