Your journey starts with a single step…

With so much information available online about small business it quickly becomes overwhelming. A quick google search can lead you down a deep rabbit hole. Before you know it, several hours have passed and you are none the wiser! It’s one of the many reasons we started sixty:forty. To create a single go-to resource for all things small business.

When people first arrive at the site we are often get asked, ‘Where should I Start?”

Well, before you become a member of our sixty:forty community, we ask that you attend our Business Bootcamp.

Why you ask? great question!

A common theme that pops-up with businesses that are struggling or under-performing, is that they don’t have the proper foundations in place.

The Business Bootcamp starts the process of laying these foundations. It contains four of our foundational self-leadership workshops. These first four workshops cover aspects of the business you should be in control of as the owner. Each workshop covers a topic from the 3CS framework: Strategy, Cash, Capacity and Clients.

At sixty:forty we have a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of helping 10,000 small business owners double their net profit and decrease their time working in their business.

One way we are working towards this goal is with the Business Bootcamp.

In only 4 weeks the Business Bootcamp lays the foundations to build a business to start generating more revenue and clients.

Inside our sixty:forty membership community, we use a common language which is understood by our members. By investing in the Business Bootcamp you’ll begin to understand the terminology and acronyms being used.

Attend one of our monthly Business Bootcamps where you’ll start to lay the foundations for success.

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We're on a mission...

We want to create a world where people successfully start, build, manage and grow their small business in a way that leads to a meaningful and prosperous life for themselves and families, their team and the wider community.