Community Guidelines

Creating a Positive Impact for our Members through our Communities and Forums

sixty:forty communities are the go-to places for answers to any questions related to any and everything small business. This is the place for you if you are starting up, starting out or growing an existing business.

They’re designed as places for sixty:forty members to connect, support, and encourage each other as they implement the latest small business strategies and tactics.

Please Do

Search for your question before starting a new topic. Chances are that someone has had the same problem and there will be a solution on that existing topic.

Be kind and respect other peoples opinions. Accept that some opinions may be different to your own and we don’t have to agree on everything, in fact it is beneficial to have many and varied perspectives and views. However, be constructive and tactful when sharing your own opinions.

Use thoughtful Language. Written language can be misunderstood so please be mindful of how words and tone might be perceived by another reader.

Use your own initiative. If you are going to follow someone’s advice, make sure it’s for you and isn’t going to create other issues for you. We will not be responsible for any advice given on this site nor your choice to apply it. Use your own discretion.

As a general rule, treat others online as you would treat them in real life.

If you have to ask .. consider that it’s probably not something you should post.

Please Do Not

Create posts or comments that use bad language or are insulting or threatening. If you can’t make a point without swearing then perhaps we aren’t the community for you. Do not post anything threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent, harassing, offensive, etc.

Include any personal information. Don’t post something you wouldn’t want publicly available. This goes both ways, just as you shouldn’t post anything personal, please also do not ask for any email addresses or other contact information from members.

Use Live Notification functions in any of the communities. For example, the Facebook Live video or Watch Party functions, as the Facebook notifications may be disruptive to members. Should you like to add a video to our communities, we ask that it please be something that provides value to our group, and that it is pre-recorded and you confirm with the community manager first.

Collect, repackage, and/or share data outside of the group. This includes asking members to take a survey for market research purposes. Every member of a sixty:forty community has a right to privacy and the right to feel safe that their questions, answers, and experiences remain privy to group members only.

Create posts that benefit only yourself. As a learning group, posts should be presented in a way that allows anyone scrolling through the feed to learn from the content and/or contribute to group knowledge. Group moderators reserve the right to delete or turn off posts, with or without notification.

Self promote. We have approved threads for pitching or asking for help, so we will repeat this one:- please do not spam or ask for service providers. So no self promotion, posting your own links or asking people to Private Message.

Post job listings. The purpose of the sixty:forty communities are for peer-to-peer support related to small business and entrepreneurship. The communities are not intended for use to find hired help – you can use the directories in our Hub and Marketplace to do that. We respectfully request that you do not post your listing in the sixty:forty communities, as it detracts from the purpose of the group. Posts of this nature will be deleted or turned off, at the community manager or admins’ discretion.

Moderation Goals

These guidelines aim to ensure that every sixty:forty community is inclusive and inviting to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs no matter the skill level or experience. Community admins, which consist of sixty:forty staff or contractors, will ensure that member posts and comments are relevant and appropriate. We will take any steps we deem appropriate to ensure that community conversations meet the policies described above.

Post/Comment Moderation Policy

You may be asked to edit your post or comment due to reasons of clarity, offensive content, unlawful or threatening content, or promotional content.

Depending on the severity and frequency of any offending content, you may not be notified that your post or comment has been removed. If sixty:forty feels that an issue needs to be addressed, the community manager will notify you privately.

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