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Financial Housekeeping
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Are you looking for a way to turn your administration and organization skills into extra income?

Our Financial Housekeeping Course is eligible for sixty:forty certification. If you choose to become certified, you not only learn how to do all of these tasks you also become licensed to use our turnkey systems for delivering a Financial Housekeeping monitoring service.

What makes the Certification path different to the Course?

First, you will need to complete a series of additional assessments at the end of each module and a Course examination at the end of the course so that you get to demonstrate your learning. Your skills become your currency. What you learn today you can turn into income tomorrow. We do this because we need to ensure that you have developed the skills you need to deliver this monitoring service effectively.

Included in the Certification are the systems, processes and documents that you will be licensed to use in serving your new clients.

It is our goal to help small business owners successfully build, manage or grow their small business and a part of this is having a regular reporting rhythm so they can see how their business is performing.

While we want all small business owners to know why things are done, we strongly encourage them to get outside help to actually get the work done. And this is where you come in.

Did you know that 39% of small business owners work more than 60 hours per week? 

This is what Certification is for – sixty:forty certifies you to deliver a Financial Housekeeping service to our small business owners. We show you how to support the small business owner to get access  to the information they need on a regular basis. Certification is the evidence that you can deliver this service in a standardized way at an expected level of competency, so that your clients know exactly what to expect.

If you are an accountant, bookkeeper, bookkeeping assistant or virtual assistant (VA) or someone with an interest in developing Financial Management skills then this is one course that you should do. Let us help you add another systemised income stream to your business.

What do you get?


The course in Financial Housekeeping plus additional modules showing you exactly how to turn this investment into income.


Sixty:forty Micro Certification Digital Badge as Certified in Financial Housekeeping. You can use this badge on any of your Social Profiles.


You will be eligible to be listed in the Service Provider Directory as a Certified Provider for 12 months


Turnkey Project Documentation including Initial Letters, Scope of Engagement templates & worksheets and compliance calendar


The power to understand what each line means on a set of financials, so you can quickly identify any areas that might require focused attention.


You will get all of our Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual checklists.


12 month membership on the sixty:forty platform as Certified Professional (normally $550 per year paid in advance)

By the time we’re finished, you will have the tools to add in a new income stream as you develop greater control over your financial future.

Who is this for?

This system IS for you if …

You want to earn real income, working on your own schedule.
You want to skip over the trial and error process
You want to find your clients quickly and easily.
You want to learn how to make sales quickly.
You want work/life balance.

This system is NOT for you if…

You want to become a billionaire next week.
You want to work 40+ hours a week. This is about balance, living life, working less, and earning more.
You want to spend years making mistakes, trying and then discarding random ideas, and throwing money away.

You can succeed with sixty:forty
Financial Housekeeping Certification with:


15 comprehensive modules teach you everything you need to know. If you can turn on a computer, we will show you the rest!


Specialist modules PACKED with extra training, templates, and other resources designed to give you a complete business-in-a-box solution you can start using IMMEDIATELY.


Mindset trainings to give you the confidence you need to sign clients with ease — even if you’re a complete introvert


Control your own earning potential so that you never have to depend on anyone else for financial security

Course Breakdown

Part 1 - Getting Started

This is one area where the time you spend in getting things setup properly pays dividends in the long term. We want you to be able to keep a very clean set of books, with only as many accounts as you need that will give you all of the information you need to effectively run your business.

Part 2 - Fundamentals

Financial Housekeeping isn’t only about your financials, it is also about compliance matters and making sure that things get done when you need them to, and so that you can start running your business in a proactive way. You get access to a templated compliance calendar to use in your own business.

Part 3 - Finance

Normally any discussion on financials would centre on your Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss however we aren’t going to do this – instead we break down what you should look at into different areas of focus. The first is finance. This includes your banking facilities, how you use them and who you owe

Part 4 - Assets

Building up the assets that you own is a very big part of why you’re in business. The goal is to build a strong balance sheet, one that will help support you and your business through the good times … and the bad.

Part 5 - Operations

This module takes a look at how you might choose to run your workflow processes and different methods of valuation that you can use. Choices made here are a driver of how you calculate your cost of sales and maintain inventory.

Part 6 - Profit & Loss (Income)

Knowing exactly how your business makes money is essential to being able to optimize your income. Having someone accountable for each line of your Profit & Loss should be something that you ultimately have in place. This series of lessons look at the different types of income and how you can work with them in your reporting.

Part 7 - Profit & Loss (Expenses)

Expenses – do you pay yourself first or last? Are you being paid a real wage and then having the business show a return on top? This module takes a deep dive into your expenses and asks you take a close look at what you are spending on a weekly and monthly basis.

Part 8 - Equity

The equity is what’s left after everything else has been taken into account– this is the end point – but equity isn’t just about the financials, it is also in your future bank – this includes the lifetime value of your customers. By the end of this module you will see what equity means to you and the financial future of your business.

Part 9 - The Checklists

Systems set you free. Building a regular rhythm based upon standardised methods mean that you will always compare apples with apples. Building from all of the earlier modules we will work through each of the checklists and you can see how these will apply to your business. Managing compliance in a standardised way saves time and reduces drama. This module introduces you to a range of SOP’s including templates and processes.

Part 10 - Working with Your Accountant

You’ve done a lot of the work in putting together the paperwork, now is the time to communicate with your accountant about what you have and what you might need help with. With a lot of accounting firms now moving paperless, you can save time and money on compliance matters. The checklists and worksheets we share with you will reduce duplication and support better record keeping.

Part 11 - How to find Clients using sixty:forty

Now that you know enough to land your first client, HOW do you make that happen? In this module, you’ll get the exact formula that you will use again and again to bring clients straight to you — and how to ensure that you have monthly recurring revenue (the fancy name for making money each and every month).

Part 12 - Using Checklists for Reporting Rhythm

Now that you have some clients, let’s make sure the work isn’t taking you longer than it should. After all, you started this business so that you could have a LIFE, not spend all day chained to your desk. Here are the systems, processes, and tools that will make it easy for you to do the work efficiently and delight your clients. 

Part 13 - Avoiding the Headaches

You didn’t start a business to be bogged down in stress and problems, right? I’ve seen it all, and I’ve figured out exactly how to AVOID the problems in the first place, so take advantage of that knowledge. 

Part 14 - Mindset Coaching

This is an incredibly important session and it is SO important to dig deep into your mindset and change your thinking. You’ll learn WHY and HOW to do that, and you will be amazed at the difference in every single area of your life.

Part 15 - Client Reporting

Everything you need to present information to your clients in the most professional way. Seriously — just plug in the information, and you’re done, plus you look like a total professional.

Sheree Cusack

Meet your Instructor

Sheree Cusack

Sheree is co-founder of sixty:forty, a Public Accountant and Registered Tax Agent. She holds an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from UNE and a Masters degree in Taxation from UNSW. As a long term member of CPA Australia and a Chartered Tax Advisor she has operated her own public accounting practice firm from 2005. Since starting the firm, she has helped hundreds of small business owners to manage their cash flow, improve their net profit and increase their number of days off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some extra questions we’ve been asked about the Financial Housekeeping Certification Course.

When does the course start and end?

You can start ANYTIME. Sixty:forty Financial Housekeeping Certification is a self-paced program, which means you can start TODAY, work through each module on your own time, and get the support you need from our Facebook group and our support team.

How much time should I expect to spend on the material each day?

Some students set aside an hour a day for 11 weeks. Other students buckle down and do the entire program inside of two weeks. The point here is flexibility. You can make the sixty:forty Financial Housekeeping Certification fit YOUR life. 

Most of videos are about 10-15 minutes in length, and you’ll want to set aside about an hour to implement what you learn in each lesson. If you have experience in bookkeeping or using accounting systems, some of these lessons may take less time.

If you have past experience working in bookkeeping, accounting or administration then some of these terms and lessons may be quite familiar and you can work through them quickly.

Every single action you take in the course moves you closer to earning money and working for YOURSELF.

I am a secretary/barista/nurse/stay at home mum/fill-in-the-blank. Will this program really work for me?

YES!  If you’re willing to learn, you can make this program work. You’re already using all kinds of skills without giving yourself nearly enough credit.

Organization, reliability, customer service, data entry, and scheduling are major assets, so do not sell yourself short! 

Can I do this even if I’m a total introvert?

YES. The beauty of sixty:forty Financial Housekeeping Certification is that you can simply follow the steps, and use all the included templates to build your business – one step at a time. 

Plus, by following the strategies in the course, every client you book isn’t just a one-time payment — it’s recurring monthly revenue. 

What if the material is too hard?

You can ask as many questions as you need to in our private Facebook group. You can come to our weekly live training sessions and get feedback on the spot. You can talk to your fellow students, and to me. Nothing in this course is too hard for you to do — that’s fear talking. Share your fears in the group, and together, we’ll conquer them.

 The support in our Facebook group is overwhelming. Ask a question and get super-fast answers. And the mindset work we do? That’s the part that’s really going to blow you away. You’re going to discover just how amazing you are.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! No one should miss out on this program because of price.

Think about this: the sixty:forty Financial Housekeeping Certification program is 15 modules, plus bonus content — so it’s essentially a 12 week course. The cost is $997, which comes out to less than $12 a day.

You can also choose 4 payments of $299.

How can I earn money?

There are multiple ways you can generate additional revenue when you have a Financial Housekeeping Certification.

Your micro-certification gives you access to a turnkey, business in a box that you can sell and deliver. These new skills can be used to benefit your existing clients or to attract new ones.

Your sixty:forty profile will put you in front of people looking for this service. And you can including your Digital Badge on any number of your social profiles as evidence of your skill set.

Second, for any client referrals you send our way for any of our courses or memberships, we pay you a minimum referral fee of 10% of spend – each and every month for as long as they remain active.

Is there any geographic exclusivity to this program?

The Provider Program is not “area exclusive” at this time, nor are there plans to offer geographic exclusivity in the near future. The goal of this program is to serve as many small businesses as possible and to do that we need A lot of help. We also know that most of our Providers will specialise, either in a particular niche (i.e. service companies, brick and mortar, eCommerce, etc.) or in a particular range of services (i.e. accounting, bookkeeping, automation, app advisory, management etc.) For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to restrict the number of Certified Partners in a specific geographic region. It is our hope is that Providers will network, share ideas, and ideally send clients to one another based on each practice area of specialisation.

If you have a different question that hasn’t been answered here – just email us at and ask. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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