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Fixed Expense Worksheet

Quick Relief For Small Business Entrepreneurs Who Want To Gain Control Of Cash Outflows


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The Know Your Numbers Workshop

Know your Numbers is an online Workshop that will show you how to strip away the accounting gimmicks and see cash flow for what it really is.

You can walk away from this course knowing how you can start measuring what matters in your small business and start to see the difference between making a profit and actual cash flow.

Start making positive changes in your small business so that you can evolve your life into one that is more financial rewarding which brings with it great choice.


With “Know your Numbers” you will:


Discover the 2 things that every small business owner needs to do first thing in the morning ... every single business day.


Learn the 4 types of metrics you need to watch in your business.


Identify who you need on your team so that you can focus on the big picture for your business.


Develop greater confidence in your own ability to understand your Financial Statements.

Hey there, my name is Sheree Cusack and by now, you might be asking…

Who am I and why am I qualified to discuss these matters?  


I am a CPA who has specialised in small business for over 15 years


I've worked with hundreds of small business owners to help them both strategically and tactically manage their businesses - enabling them to work less and earn more


I've personally used these strategies and tactics to make a world of difference to my business

Here’s Exactly What You Get With the Know your Numbers Workshop


Workbook to use while doing the workshop


Access to all of the Know Your Numbers training videos an any resources supporting the course.


Bonus video training on 'Your Chart of Accounts - The Key to Unlocking your Financial Statements'

Sheree Cusack | CEO sixty:forty